The Jobe Cause is more than just a cure to the common rider’s ailments. Its that double shot espresso; just what the doctor ordered dose of energy kind of cure that’ll improve response, increase stability & just all-round kick ass. Jobe definitely had the rider in mind when creating this masterpiece, starting first with an intuitive machined core that reacts quickly and delivers mountains of monster pop. The uniquely thinned and tapered flutes at the either end of the Cause give a controlled release off the wake. Despite this overall thinner profile, the Cause is built to take whatever you throw at it, thanks to the Top Seam Technology Rails (TST) which fuses the overlapping layers of fiberglass on the perimeter of the board to help create the industry’s most durable sidewalls. Whether you are a hard charging wake addict or simply chasing some soul slashes the Jobe Cause will scratch your itch.


  • • Machined PU Core
    • Bi-Axial Layered Glass
    • Top Seam Rail Technology (TST)
    • Blended Rocker
    • 4x Molded Fins