Take command of your riding this season with the 2020 JOBE Control. Specifically shaped from the ground up to be the right tool to maximise progression, starting with nice clean-cut rail that’s more than stable enough to master those tricky toeside edges yet still plenty advanced to load up and charge the wake to build that bag of tricks. The simplified base with only subtle channels on the Control combined with the continuous rocker makes for a board that holds its speed on the water and doesn’t plough through turns but instead rides high giving consistent pop off the wake and gliding landing that’s softer on knees and ankles. If you love charging wakes and slashing turns than the 2020 Jobe Control is the deck for you

Size: 138cm & 142cm


    • ERC Core Construction
    • Hardwood Infused Hybrid Core
    • Bi-Axial Layered Glass
    • Top Seam Rail Technology (TST)
    • Blended Rocker
    • Molded Fins
    • Designed for: Intermediate/Advanced