The latest design Tempest improves upon the shape that made it a crowd favourite. Sporting a narrower tail and tip design, whilst maintaining width through the mid section. This allows the tempest to cut harder, pop higher and spin faster, To achieve this we also incorporated a more aggressive blended rocker profile and the underside of the Tempest boasts Jobe’s newly crowned diamond technology that generates lift by forming pockets of air under the front and back of the board, for the lowest drag coefficient. We also added full length parallel chime down the length of the Tempest even the newest of riders will find edging a breeze. This all sets the Tempest ahead of the pack, providing plenty of pop off the top of the wake and a dual density pad with deep ergonomic knee wells that’ll cushion the harshest of landings. Not content until she was perfect Jobe rolled and fluted the Tempest’s tail, reducing the amount of wear and tear from standing up your board creating the cleanest and most consistent kick off the wake. The future of kneeboarding is looking bright with all new Jobe Tempest and with an eye-catching graphic like that you’ll be sure to make people green with envy!


    • Tri-Density Kneepad
    • 3” Single locking Strap
    • Diamond Dimple Technology
    • Blended Rocker line
    • Rolled edge square tail
    • Landing Zone
    • Fluted Tail
    • Inserted Tip for Additional Hook